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I have long been intrigued by the suite of software that Nik Software offered. They had modules from everything like HDR to stunning Black and White. The problem was that their software was just too pricey for me, with each of there modules costing $100 or more, plus if you wanted the versions that worked with Photoshop rather than Lightroom that cost extra.

The good news is that Google has purchased Nik Software and has dramatically lowered the price. Rather than selling each of the six modules separately, it is all one suite together for $149. And there is one installer so it works with all the supported applications that you own, in my case both Lightroom and Photoshop.  I found a discount code “WBEEM” that saved me an additional $22, although I don’t know how long that code will be valid.  With only a short time experimenting with this software, I have included some examples below.

Sydney Harbor

I took this photo with a Nikon D300.   I really liked the photo but in this area you don’t usually get the breathtaking skies that I might find in some other areas of the world.  These examples show what I was able to do with Nik software.

Nik offers effects that range from very subtle to obviously over done and unrealistic.  I tried to to pick some examples somewhat in the middle.  For each effect you can make adjustments.



HDR Efex Pro 2 (using single image)


Color Efex Pro 4


Silver Efex Pro 2


New Zealand Sounds

As we cruised through the Sounds of New Zealand the view was magical.  As is too often the case, when you capture the image with a camera, it doesn’t look quite like what you remember.  This photo was taken with a Nikon D300 and using Nik Software, I was able to get an image with only a few clicks that better represented what I thought I was viewing.



HDR Efex Pro 2 (using single image)


For a extensive introduction to all the modules in the Nik software collection and and an overview of how to use them, here is a 60 minute YouTube video.

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  1. I might add, that it also picks up on an installation of Photoshop Elements as well, should you have that installed. But fundamentally, it is designed to be usable in Lightroom, Photoshop (and PE) and Aperture. After installation I still have yet to figure out how to utilize these ****.app applications from within Lightroom. I did figure it I can use the HDR program as a standalone outside of LR.

    Quite dramatic effects though. It perhaps might be almost too much and perhaps ‘neutralized somewhere inbetwen and what is presented here. The HDR effect is perhaps the most realistic.

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