2013 Family Calendar

It has become a tradition for me to create a family calendar each year, using some of the photos provide by my children of them and the grandkids, along with the photos I have taken.  I am not a user of iPhoto, except for this annual production.  I first collected all the photos using Dropbox and then brought them into iPhoto, where I use their calendar project to create the calendar.  I usually use one of Sara’s photos for the cover.

2013 Calendar_Page_01

For each month I use photos of the family members whose birthday is on that month.  For March, that means only myself.

2013 Calendar_Page_06

For the calendar it is just a matter of including the US holidays and the birthday for each family member.  I like to use iPhoto because I can then have Apple print the calendar.  It makes thew whole process very easy.  I have used other services in the past, but that means using a web interfacet to create the calendar and I find iPhoto much easier and I like the quality and size of the Apple Calendar.


Handmade Christmas Cards

For the past few years I have used Shutterfly to make our Christmas cards. It is rather easy, just upload some photos, decide on a layout and drag the photos there, click the buy button and spend a bunch of money. Being a bit late and not sure we would get them before we left for Utah, I decided to go back to my old method and hand design and print our cards. I used Adobe InDesign Software to do the layout. I found these large blank cards, essentially a 8.5×11 inch sheet of cardstock, that folds over, along with the envelopes. Makes kind of a large greeting card. I used these and printed on both sides.

For the front I used four photos, each done in Photoshop with an action to make them look like the edges are lifting off paper. One photo of us and the others of the grandkids. The Front looks like this, with the design grid lines showing in this screen shot.

When you open the card it shows a photo of us biking at the top of Mt. Tam, on the top. On the bottom I put a short update where everyone is now days. I finally have finished printed about 60 of the cards. It took some time, needing to print on both sides. Cost was not much cheaper than using Shutterfly and took a lot more time, but everyone is using a place like Shutterfly now so maybe this is a bit different.